Vill. + Post. : Gourangdi (Panuria)
P.S. : Barabani, Dist. : Burdwan
West Bengal, PIN : 713315


The objects of the trust shall be as hereunder:
  1. To promote and establish educational institution for imparting education on Nursery, Primary, Higher Education, Secondary, Higher Secondary under ICSE/CBSE/West Bengal Board, Technical, Management, Research, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical College, Social Welfare, Entertainment and also to setup professional education institution and teachers training college - PGBT, B.Ed. & M.Ed.
  2. To advancement and propagation of education and learning including establishment, maintenance and support of school, colleges, institutions and other educational institutions.
  3. To make provision to advance the cause of and to impart nursery, primary, secondary higher education, teacher’s training, law, commercial, industrial, technical, film educational institute on Cine Media, Fine Arts, Culture and technology and its related subjects, Project work on film Making, Documentary, feature film with National and International standards, fine arts, sports culture and all or other type or kind of education and training specially in the field of science, commerce, arts, management, business administration, engineering, medical, civil aviation, telecommunication, information technology, hotel management, fashion design, interior decoration, architecture, sports and culture etc irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  4. To establish, construct, acquire or taken on lease / license schools, colleges, staff quarters, boarding house, infrastructure facilities of any type and description as may be deemed necessary etc.
  5. To establish, construct, acquire take on lease / license and maintain boarding houses and practical rooms for students, faculty, staff etc.
  6. To hold, arrange and organize meeting, lectures, talks, discussions, seminars, symposia, conferences, competitions, research and study visits, tours, excursions, debates, cinemas, audio-visual programmes, the artistic performances and other cultural activities, sports and games.
  7. Establishment, maintenance and support of libraries, museums, and reading rooms, and distribution of books etc. for advancement of education and knowledge in general.
  8. To enter into any collaboration, take franchisee or be affiliated to any other Educational Institution / Board / Council, College or University as may be deemed necessary.
  9. Advancement of any other object of general public utility and relief like conducting seminars on educational advancement, providing necessary assistance during natural calamities and such other assistance as may be required from time to time.
  10. To obtain affiliation of the course and degree of said educational institution from Indian Universities, Boards, Associations or in any name they are known or from foreign Universities, Boards or Associations or in any name they are known.
The other objects of the Trust shall be:
  1. To open, found, establish, promote, set-up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and / or aid or help in the setting up and / or maintaining and / or running schools, colleges, lecture halls, and other establishments or institutions for advancement of education and of knowledge in arts, technical, medical, commerce, science, literature, humanities and all other useful subjects in all their manifestations.
  2. To promote, advance and encourage and / or aid in helping and awareness, promoting, advancing and encouraging nursery, primary, secondary and higher education, also physical training, teacher’s training and training of handicrafts, SC/ST & OBC etc. film and fine arts, health, sports and other useful arts, crafts, among the public including the establishment and maintenance and other welfare centres for them.
  3. To foster and encourage education and training in handicrafts, fine arts among women folk in general and establish and found institutions imparting such education and to establish, maintain, support or help by monetary gifts or otherwise, Centres and institutions for women and children and to provide social welfare works for women and children.
  4. To meet travelling, boarding and lodging expenses for students going abroad for higher commercial and technical education.
    1. Gifts / donations either in cash or in kind, grants, contributions, aids bequests, legacies or any remittance in cash or in kind may be accepted by the trust which may be made by any institutions, Govt. or semi-govt. organizations, persons or members of the public or any one who is in sympathy with the aims and objects set out herein including any donations made for any such specified purpose or objects. Trust is also entitled to take contribution, donation secured or unsecured loan whether refundable or nonrefundable / interest bearing or non interest bearing from any society towards attainment of the objects of the trust.
    2. Properties movable and immovable which may be acquired by the trust by purchase, exchange, lease, gift or otherwise.
    3. Income and profits from the properties of the trust including surplus if any from the activities of the trust.
    4. Any fees, charges, etc. as may be collected in the day to day activities of the trust or in the course of any public or private performance by artistes etc.
    5. Any income whatsoever shall be deemed to be a part of the trust property.
  6. For the purpose of this Trust, the authors of the Trust delivers conjointly an amount of Rs. 2001/- in the hands of the Trustees which shall be treated as “Trust Fund” and requisite non-judicial stamp paper is given herewith. The Trust has / had no other movable / immovable property except said Rs. 2,001/- (Two thousand one only) on this date of registration.